My first experiment in Kinetic Typography.

The brief was to find an audio recording that contained spoken dialogue or song lyrics, and then animate those words or lyrics in a meaningful way. My decision was to take a snippet of my professor's lecture and animate his own words while visually mimicking his mannerisms, tone and personality.

The key was for the type to move quickly, and follow his rapid pattern of speech. At the onset, I decided the type should only move up & down, right & left, and feature changes in scale. Anything more would have been cartoonish and exaggerated, and I wanted the focus to be on not only what my professor was saying, but how he was saying it.

This project was also my first lesson in building all of my assets at the beginning, and then animating them later. A lesson that has served me well since I have a tendency to shoot from the hip as I move forward—inevitably getting into trouble later. Here, all the type was entered, then set to make a pleasing composition. Only then was it timed to appear in sync with the audio, and then later I added the fun flourishes and camera moves. Although this methodology may seem obvious now, it was a new concept for me at the time, and it really allowed me to move swiftly and with purpose.

Short, simple, and sweet, but incredibly fun to create. My mind was forever opened to the realization that type need not live a lonely existence trapped on the printed page. Meanwhile a fiery passion was stoked within me for dynamic moving typography. 

Stay tuned!

Thank you for viewing!

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